Framont & Partners Management Ltd. is a Maltese limited liability company, licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”), with a management which has over than 30 years of experience in the field of asset management.


Pioneers Of New Growth

With a substantial long history rich in experience and always ready to reach new horizons, it combines a proven track record, consolidated know-how and an innovative approach to the future.

A new name for a leading brand, oriented towards growth through the integration of the essential qualities of knowledge, accountability and independence. The business base is located in Malta, a country which is constantly growing as a financial services centre and which offers the benefit of having a single regulatory authority, being, the MFSA. The MFSA’s main function is to regulate, monitor and supervise financial services in Malta.

Thanks to the wide ranging financial background of its founders and support received by a highly specialised team and service providers, with a deep knowledge of today’s constantly evolving markets, Framont places itself as a European-based investment fund manager which can offer both stability and flexibility.

Our solid structure makes it possible for us to offer personalised investment services which are in tune with client expectations.
The ability to interpret financial markets through a steady increase in performance has allowed Framont to place itself among the top players in today’s markets.
Gianluigi Montagner - CEO Framont & Partners Management

Trust In Our Accountability

Accountability and trust are two key factors when building lasting client relationships and are underpinned by the expertise to create a custom made investment solution to suit all needs.

One of the main objectives of Framont is to offer an alternative to conventional financial methods, targeting new investment possibilities while systematically monitoring risk factors.

Framont offers a wide range of custom made investment solutions for integrated asset management. We also aim for optimum efficiency within a “multi-asset” environment, in order to gain the maximum market advantage whilst seeking to reduce risk through diversification.

This means working interactively with professional portfolio managers, who can offer insights and expert advice in various fields, as diverse as commodities and real estate.

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Excellence for customers

We offer our customers access to our expertise via solutions we have successfully implemented in many situations and business environments.

We are committed and deliver what we promise. Customers consistently rate us very high in knowledge and execution.

We commit ourselves to seek to exceed your expectations.

Changing perspective

Framont wants to develop innovation capabilities and establish a dynamic environment. This is done in line with the company’s culture, business models, products and services.

Creating an open environment that embraces change and simplification is our key concept to ensure support and traction for the development and implementation of innovative ideas.

We would love to help you identify your needs and opportunities, create an innovation oriented environment, provide expertise and training in innovation and creativity tools.

Our Relationship with Clients and Partners

We strive to do the right things and to make the right choices. This has been noticed by various clients with whom we have established a day-to-day relationship. Our idea is to convey our philosophy through our professionals and staff members. Our effort is to provide the investment services to the best of our abilities in accordance with the client’s wishes and applicable laws and regulations.

We strive to establish a relationship with our clients and partners which is built on trust, reflective of our years of experience and activity in this field of business.

Investment Management Philosophy

Our investment philosophy consists of actively managing the client’s portfolio while focusing on the long term target, with the objective of increasing the portfolio’s worth through the constant analysis of a wide variety of sectors and the growing challenges of the macroeconomic environment.

Establishing the Drivers

Regardless of whether the investor’s focus is on protecting capital, raising profit, or other investment strategies based on investment growth, Framont has the expertise to choose the best drivers and benchmarks for all needs.

Selecting a strategy

When managing a client’s portfolio, Framont will always implement an investment strategy that is suitable for the particular client in question and in line with client’s (a) investment objectives and risk tolerance, (b) financial situation, and (c) knowledge and experience. Other factors such as asset classes and diversification will also be taken into consideration.

Portfolio composition and optimization

Framont undertakes to make the best asset class selection within a diversified portfolio, according to various investment strategies, achieved through the identification and reduction of specific risks in order to obtain optimal portfolio performance.

Active Portfolio rebalancing

At regular intervals each portfolio is rebalanced according to the structure of its asset allocation target, in order to maintain the right blend of assets. Geographical and sectorial diversity are maintained mindful of the investment objectives on which it was established. The asset allocation is reviewed on a regular basis.

Active management monitoring

Framont performs a regular evaluation of portfolio status, to ensure that the client’s investment objectives are being adhered to. Furthermore, as part of the on-going monitoring process, Framont will re-evaluate the portfolio to ensure it is still in line with the client’s needs. It also monitors and reviews investment strategies so as to ensure that such strategies are still efficient with respect to risk and return.


The selected strategies are regularly tested to guarantee that they continue to be effective in terms of risk and profit. This can include prompt revision of the portfolio’s composition to ensure its profile remains compatible with its initial objectives.

Investment Management - Framont & Partners Management
Gianluigi Montagner - Framont & Partners Management
Active management monitoring - Framont & Partners Management


F&P Executives

Meet the team behind Framont

Gianluigi Montagner


Gianluigi Montagner, born in 1970 in San Donà di Piave (Venice – Italy), relies on more than 25 years’ experience in finance. The extensive time spent working with Italian banks as a private banker has built up his know how in relation to the financial services which have been supported throughout the period by studies, professional experiences, participation to events and lectures held at different Italian Universities.

Currently Chief Executive Officer at Framont & Partners Management Ltd, Mr Montagner is also part of the Investment Committee, Advisory Committee and is a member of the Board of Directors of the three SICAVs promoted by the Company, one UCITS, one AIF and one NAIF.

Gianluigi started building strong relationships with clients in the private banking sector as a financial promoter in several Italian banks (1990-2009). Furthermore, Mr. Montagner has also been employed with an important Italian asset management Company (2009-2011).

In 2011 he became the managing director and a member of the IC for the Italian branch of a Maltese Asset Management Company, becoming MFSA approved.

Marzia Biasibetti

Executive Director

Marzia Biasibetti is an Executive Director at Framont & Partners Management Ltd. Graduated in Economics and Finance with outstanding academic results, she has always worked in the financial sector. First employed in the field of consumer credit, she has then joined the Financial Services Industry working with an Italian Asset Management Company where she developed deep know-how in the whole process of the Asset Management chain, from Administration to Portfolio Management.

In 2015 she joined Framont & Partners, where she was involved as a Company Secretary, Designated Employee for anti-money laundering purposes and gained experience both in legal and regulatory aspects of the Industry, such as sub-funds and SICAVs setups and ongoing duties, compliance tasks and updates including policies and procedures, relationships with institutional investors and strategic partners. Since early 2017 she is also recognised with the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Domenico Lojacono

Back Office Manager

Domenico Lojacono joined Framont & Partners as Risk Analyst in 2017. Graduated in Economics at University Bocconi in Milan with a specialisation in Accounting and Auditing.

He worked many years as Associated at DGS & Partners – one of the largest association firm in Rome – where he was involved in financial due diligence, financial restructuring for recovering plans and advice for the clients with needs related to the analysis of financing plans. He worked two years in Grant Thornton Malta as Senior Associated within the Transaction Advisory Service Department where he was involved in activities concerning the preparation of business plans for financial restructuring purpose, financial modelling, analysis for companies listed on the financial market interested to issue bonds under the rules of MFSA.

Archibald Humpage

Client Executive

Archibald Humpage is a Client Executive for Framont & Partners Management. Originally from the UK, Archie graduated with First Class Honours in International Business Management, before moving to Malta to pursue a career in Financial Services. After completing his studies, he joined a large Financial Advisory firm before joining Framont & Partners Management. He now specialises in providing private wealth management solutions to clients throughout Europe.

He continues to develop his knowledge with industry events, further study, and professional experiences. His expertise in wealth management solutions has helped his clients to grow and protect their assets while build long lasting relationships in the process.

Ciro Lauro

Head of Onboarding and
Customer Service

Ciro Lauro is a Head of Onboarding and Customer Service in Framont & Partners Management. Graduated in Economics and specialized in Global Economy and Business with outstanding results, he worked in large companies in the role of controller.

He joined Framont & Partners in 2019 where, after an extensive period in the Back Office, he specialized in KYC and AML procedures for client onboarding processes. Passionate about communication and relations, he plays a key role in supporting and dealing with both Company’s advisors and clients.

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