Investment Advice

Framont may provide investment advisory services on an independent and/or non-independent basis (as applicable depending on the client’s request) to professional clients, retail clients and eligible counterparties. When providing investment advisory services Framont is obliged to provide investment advice which is suitable to its clients for them to achieve their investment objectives taking into account a number of other factors.


Our approach

The existing universe of securities, asset classes and alternatives in the financial environment may be challenging even for investors with experience, who only seek some advice in addition to their own research and investment decisions.

Our approach is to provide clients with the alternative assets which have not yet been explored by the client, provided that the client’s risk profile allows for investments in such alternative investments. A suitability assessment is always undertaken prior to the provision of investment advice. Alternatively, we propose some guidance on traditional asset classes and focus on time-horizon, performance and investor profile.

The only sure way of looking after clients’ best interests and meeting their needs is by recognising each client and its needs as an individual.

Our advisory process consists of five steps

1. Client Classification and Further Analysis

2. Understanding the Client’s Needs

3. Building a Client Profile

4. Shaping the strategy

5. Implementation

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