Event Naples – Framont’s Road Show

Naples 12th February 2019

Independence and holistic approach in the provision of investment services is a new key performance indicator that Advisors and Family Office have to bear in mind prior to meeting prospect Clients, due to the various changes in the regulatory and market environment. Framont & Partners Management is very committed in finding out new solutions to excel.

In order to become a benchmark for best practice, Framont is proposing a series of workshops to meet private bankers and financial advisors in different areas in Italy. Our aim is to explain our financial solutions to professionals and to our customers, going beyond well-known solutions concerning finance and corporate services.

The presentation of our business model met the interest of the participants. We thank everybody for taking part to this event and we announce the launch of our new platform that was implemented in our website designed to provide additional contents and hints to face on a daily basis current and prospect clientele.