Pioneers Of New Growth

Framont & Partners Management Ltd is a Maltese based Company, with a management having over than 30 years of experience in the field of asset management.

With long story rich in experience, but always ready to embrace new horizons, it combines a proven track record, consolidated know-how and an innovative approach to the future.

A new name for a leading brand, oriented towards growth through the integration of the essential qualities of knowledge, accountability and independence. The headquarter is located in Malta, a consolidated financial reality constantly developing and one of which can benefit from the presence of a single regulatory authority being the Malta Financial Services Authority. The MFSA’s main function is to regulate, monitor and supervise financial services in Malta.

Thanks to the wide ranging financial background of its founders and supported by a highly specialized team with a deep knowledge of today’s constantly evolving markets, Framont places particular emphasis on stability and flexibility, a fact which is reflected in its independence from Banks and Financial Institutions.

Our solid structure means we can offer personalized investment services which are in tune with the expectations of even the most demanding of customers.

The ability to interpret financial markets through a steady increase in performance has allowed Framont to place itself among the top players in today’s markets.