Malta after Brexit, our way forward by Finance Malta

14 October 2016

Framont & Partners Management Ltd suggests you read this interesting article published today by Finance Malta. During these last months, the local financial industry has been characterised by some crucial improvements relating to the Malta Fund Industry and the creation of the NAIF Regime from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). This is one of…

Bond market dynamics in the next months: negative territories for how long?

6 October 2016

1. EDITORIAL As we described in the last number of this newsletter market volatility is to be watched out actually as the catalyst of the last part of the year are fast approaching. The catalysts for the global markets will be the US presidential Elections (8th November), the Italian Referendum (4th December) and, last but…

Volatility behavior during summertime and, now, what’s next?

16 September 2016

1. EDITORIAL Market volatility during summer periods tends to be very low and this year has been no exception. US economy is keeping contrasting bells on economic data, some good some bad, such as the weak August payroll number had been flagged by weak industrial surveys and auto sales. The private sector added only 126k…

Brexit Gone. What direction for the Markets?

12 July 2016

1. EDITORIAL The whole world, not only the financial one, has seen what happened after a referendum held in one of the major economies of the world. Britain’s unexpected decision to leave the EU triggered a market panic on Friday 24th and Monday 27th as assets sold-off. Volatility these days is the focal factor on…

QE started: will this improve economic conditions in the EZ?

13 June 2016

1. EDITORIAL The European Central Bank didn’t shy away from the region’s riskier securities when it began buying corporate bonds on last Wednesday, 8th June. The Central Banker is showing he’s planning to make the biggest impact possible on the first day of corporate bond purchases by casting his net as wide as the program…

PMI Indices in the Eurozone and Emerging Markets: which direction for the markets?

11 May 2016

1. EDITORIAL The final reading of April’s euro-area composite PMI survey suggests the economic expansion continued at the start of the Q2 at a similar pace as in the Q1. That’s largely in line with other surveys. Nonetheless, a rise in inflationary pressure remains elusive. The country breakdown suggests the recovery is most elusive in…

Stock Markets Volatility and Credit Spreads dynamics

8 April 2016

1. EDITORIAL March had been characterised by important decisions made by the Central Banks that will have ripercussions on investors’ choices and their portfolios. The ECB made decisions about its QE program on a quantitative (raising the amount of monthly repurchases, from 60 to 80 BN euros per month) and on qualitative side (the bond…

Global Markets waiting for Central Banking and Governments actions

11 March 2016

1. EDITORIAL In the last days it seems the markets are gaining a momentum of stabilization; the commodity space is stabilising, including crude oil. The attempts to take commodity values lower in February have failed. The USD has entered a period of consolidation around the 1.10 level. Credit market stabilisation should follow that of commodities….

Monetary Policies and contrasting signals from economic data

10 February 2016

1. EDITORIAL Good morning to all of our readers. January saw an intense sell-off on almost all the asset classes seen as risky on the markets (the only exceptions were High Yield bonds and gold, the latter seen once again as the safe haven it used to be). This turbulence on the markets started with…

Our Welcome

1 January 2016

1. FROM THE EDITOR Dear Reader, I am Gianluigi Montagner, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Framont & Partners Management Ltd.(‘Framont’) Framont is a new Asset Management Company, incorporated in Malta and licensed to provide investment services in Malta by the Malta Financial Services Authority’. Our main investment services are Portfolio Management, Advisory, Management…

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