Global Markets vs. Political Uncertainty. New order of things and volatility.

7 April 2017

1. EDITORIAL As highlighted by the ETF asset management house Source, in the first Quarter of 2017 different asset classes groups have diverged: equity-like assets and industrial commodities have done well; sovereign debt, IG credit and gold have not. The perspective for the next months should be positive for credit in both spectrum of rating…

Breaking Markets News – Global manufacturing output

29 March 2017

In this number: Global manufacturing output US HY Versus 10 Year Treasuries: Correlation of Weekly FED DOTS Breaking Markets News 03    

FED tightening at highest probabilities. What will happen on the markets?

9 March 2017

1. EDITORIAL As highlighted also by the UK research practice Capital Economics “the fate of the US stock market tends to be determined by economics rather than by politics. As a result, it should not be surprising that shareholders have shrugged off both Trump’s recent spat with the judiciary and the various malpractices that are…

Breaking Markets News – US & P/Es Market Trends

1 March 2017

In this number: US & P/Es Market Trends Emerging Markets: EPS trend & FX impact Emerging Markets: Manufacturing Sector trend Breaking Markets News 02      

US Fiscal Policy and USD: what’s ahead

8 February 2017

1. EDITORIAL The new president of the US took charge the past month and now the focus is actually on its economic programme that was proposed to the voters during the campaign. One of the main points to consider is the one focusing on the taxes. As highlighted by the ETF’s asset management house Source,…

Breaking Markets News – Investment Tips for 2017

27 January 2017

In this number: Markets 2016: what happened Volatility in short markets Emerging markets to invest in 2017 Breaking Markets News 01      

2017. What’s ahead for the new year on the markets

11 January 2017

As Highlighted by Natixis, after Brexit, the Italian referendum and the Austrian presidential elections, political uncertainty has reached new heights in Europe. Brexit in particular led to high volatility in money markets which may have curbed growth. Despite the election of the Republican candidate in the US presidential election, which neither the opinion polls nor…

Investing after political elections: what’s next for growth and inflation expectations?

8 December 2016

1. EDITORIAL The political landscape has changed in the last weeks. The political scenarios started changing across the Atlantic Ocean with the unexpected election of Donald Trump in the United States. Elections that following the polls should had been finished in the opposite way. But once again, the voters changed their mind or better they…

Malta, Strong & Flexible Jurisdiction for Fund Industry & Finance

8 November 2016

INTRO Malta has positioned itself as a strong, reliable and flexible jurisdiction attracting EU-regulated financial services businesses. Malta’s entry in the EU and the adoption of the Euro were the key catalysts that have strengthened Malta’s financial services industry, including fund management. On the 21st October 2016, Framont & Partners Management organized an event in…

US Elections: the final clash between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

7 November 2016

1. EDITORIAL Finally, the time has come. We have been waiting all the year for the US elections to come and finally here they are. The final clash between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will take place next Tuesday 8th November. The election’s results will have some effects on the markets, one way or the…

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